Market Performance 

The island of Ireland welcomed 431,000 tourists from Spain in 2019, an increase of +2% over 2018. Spanish travellers come mainly from Madrid, Catalonia, and Northern Spain regions. Spain is Europe’s seventh-largest outbound travel market. In 2019, 77% of all outbound trips from Spain were within Europe.  

Our major Green Button Advertising campaign in Spain is performing well across a variety of digital channels, reaching an estimated 11 million prospective travellers by the end of 2021, and aims to stimulate demand in the recovery.   

As well as Advertising, we collaborate with leading airlines, online travel agencies and in-market travel trade partners on Co-Operative Marketing activations throughout the year.  

Publicity and Influencer Marketing continue to be a big focus for us, and we are working closely with media, both traditional and online to generate high impact coverage that the island of Ireland is open for business.  


Why should you target this market? 

Spain is the island of Ireland’s 5th largest source market of overseas tourists. We aim to regain this position as we build back international tourism. 

93% of Spanish holidaymakers are under 65 years of age, younger than other European markets. They are important visitors to the island of Ireland staying an average of 6 nights, and while many will visit Dublin, a significant proportion travel to the regions holidaying outside of Dublin. One-quarter of Spanish holidaymakers are repeat visitors, and they are very familiar and comfortable with travelling around the island. 

Research undertaken by Tourism Ireland tells us that Spanish are looking for value-for-money, wide open spaces, breath-taking scenery, and getting away from it all; all of which the island of Ireland can offer in abundance.  


How to work with this market 

Tourism Ireland Spain has a digital and social media focus. We have a warm audience of approximately 600,000 consumers across social media communities and email platforms.  

Do you have eye-catching imagery or digital content to share? Our #BotonVerde / #GreenButton campaign highlights the wealth of the tourism industry on the island of Ireland through engaging and motivating content as well as special offers.  

Do you have a Spanish speaker in your team? We target press media through a series of promotional activities, news releases, virtual events, and interviews. We will continue to engage with the travel trade through a series of educational webinars, virtual meetings as well as in-person activations.  


Social Media and Digital Partnership Programme 

Please look out for opportunities to participate in Spain’s consumer activities throughout the year.  You can work with us by providing content for social media, e-zines and even collaborate on competitions.  

Download our Spain Social Media Factsheet here

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If you have any questions just drop us a line; we’re here to help.

Market contact: Susan Bolger