Market Performance

Pre-COVID a steady increase of visitors had been noted from the Swiss market over the last 10 years with continual growth year to year. This positive trend can be explained due to the popularity of the destination as well as our close co-operation with the Swiss travel trade partners in supporting their island of Ireland product as well as helping to promote and further product development. Extensive media coverage thanks to regular press trips and press releases helped raise the awareness of the island amongst the Swiss public. 

Direct Air Access

Current connections from Switzerland include direct flights with SWISS (7x per week) and Aer Lingus (6x) from Zurich to Dublin. Both airlines also fly from Geneva to Dublin (LX 2x and EI 4x). In addition Easyjet flies from Geneva to Belfast (2x) as well. Ryanair has twice weekly flights from Basel to Dublin. SWISS also operates a twice weekly seasonal flight (Mar-Oct) from Zurich to Cork. 

Why should you target this market?

With over 126,000 visitors from Switzerland in 2019, this is a market with significant potential for tourism to Ireland. Tourism Ireland will continue to concentrate on publicity and trade activities in 2022.

The Swiss are enthusiastic travellers, even in 2020 they were willing to do so if borders were open. Visitors from Switzerland enjoy touring the entire island and activities such as walking, hiking, cruising and golf are of particular interest to them. Exploring culinary, culture and heritage attractions are also of high interest. Switzerland is considered a high spending market with a sense for quality and luxury.

How to work with this market

Switzerland is a very traditional market with only a handful of Ireland Tour Operators / specialists with a focus on offering individual trips but also groups. Direct contact and regular updates are important for the Swiss trade, mostly they work with DMCs and are loyal business partners. 

Marketing Activities

In the coming months our focus will be on recovery and sales facilitation, and we will post details of the activities you can participate in. Please register your interest in the Swiss market to receive alerts, as we will be creating new opportunities throughout 2022.  

Market contact name: VĂ©ronique Platschka