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Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand

Market Performance 

Australia is the tenth largest market for holidaymakers to the island of Ireland. Official figures are combined with New Zealand numbers. After impressive growth since 2014, with 10% increase from 2014 – 2017 and over 251,000 visitors in 2018. Figures from Tourism Ireland for the period January-August 2019 show 152,300 visitors from Australia & New Zealand. Longer stay and high average daily spend means travel by Australians & New Zealanders is worth in excess of $130 million to the Irish economy. 

Air Access 

The increased number of one-stop flights via the Middle East and Hong Kong with Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific has been a significant factor in the growth in visitor numbers from this market in recent years.  

Why should you target this market? 

Australia & New Zealand are highly prized as they tend to stay longer, spend more and visit more regions than the average visitor to the island of Ireland. Visitors are amongst the most valuable to our tourist industry spending 50% more per trip than the average overseas visitor. They travel right around the island and many visit in the off-season. 

How to work with this market 

Australia & New Zealand Visitor Highlights: 
  • On average, Australia & New Zealand holidaymakers stay on the island of Ireland for thirteen nights. 
  • They are highly likely to tour and to visit two or more regions on the island and spend more money as they go. 
  • They prefer to stay in hotels, but also like guesthouses and B&B’s. 
  • Australia is the 5th most important overseas market for tourism in Northern Ireland, with one in four holidaymakers from this market visiting Northern Ireland. 
  • The island of Ireland benefits from strong ancestral links and a shared history with Australia & New Zealand, with many claiming Irish heritage. 

Upcoming Activity 

Throughout the year there are several ways we can work with you to promote your product or service to the Australia & New Zealand market, including our partnership programme, trade webinar series and Sales Mission. The opportunities offer great value for the investment and are tailor-made to offer the right mix of opportunities to drive success. 

Please be sure to check back on a regular basis for the latest information and opportunities throughout the year. We look forward to working with you to drive business from the Australia & New Zealand market! 

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Market contact: Sarah Harrison