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Spain Travel Agency and Tour Operator Partnership Programme 2019


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Advertising, Direct & e-marketing, Co-operative marketing activity

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Market tour operators


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, Tourism Ireland Spain.

Tourism Ireland Spain will run a number of co-operative activities with travel agency and tour operator partners during the course of 2019. These campaigns are designed to drive incremental visitors to the island of Ireland during the shoulder and off-season periods. There will also be a focus on driving regional growth. Campaigns will focus on our core segment of the Spanish Culturally Curious and will be in line with Tourism Ireland's approach to sustainability.  

All campaigns must include an Island of Ireland destination message and branding + partner route message: ´Explore Ireland.... from......with......’

Partners should contact Tourism Ireland for discussion, agreement and approval of co-operative advertising activity. Once approved Tourism Ireland will match up to 50% of the total investment in the activity. Objectives of the activity must be in line with Tourism Ireland strategic objectives and the objective of the activity must be agreed upfront. A written record of these objectives must be signed by representatives of both Tourism Ireland and the partner, in advance of activity going live. A copy of the media plan must also be checked and approved by Tourism Ireland’s media agency. Partners also need to agree to Tourism Ireland tagging on all digital assets for internal reporting purposes. The Tourism Ireland investment is inclusive of VAT.  
A full measurement evaluation of activity, which will be kept confidential, must also be provided by the partner at the end of the activity showing the following:
-          Results achieved vs. objective in passenger volume. Percentage increases only will not suffice, 
-          Commercial benefit, where possible,
-          Full auditable proof, media plans, invoicing etc. for total activity spend.