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Promote your sustainable tourism experience in the Nordic Markets. Sustainability is increasingly important to our overseas visitors. If sustainability is at the core of your business, then we would like to offer you free exposure to the Nordic markets.

The Nordic Markets

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) are frontrunners in sustainable travel. Nordic visitors have a sense of adventure which means they love to travel but they want to travel as sustainably as possible. When it comes to the Island of Ireland, we believe Nordic visitors will love our locally sourced food, our wild coastlines, slow adventure options and our traditional music and crafts. They will also find some great sustainable accommodation and with a little help from the locals, they will find public transport one of the best ways to explore the island and get to know us! 

What is Sustainable Tourism?

In short, it’s better for all of us. The benefits of becoming sustainable mean positive impacts for the long-term profitability of your business, the environment and your local community. By consuming less resources and producing less waste you will decrease your overheads. By engaging with your local community through sourcing local supplies your business will help keep local culture alive and give visitors an authentic experience.  Get all this right and you increase your potential to tap into a growing visitor market who want to travel as sustainably as possible.   

Requirements for the selection process:

Most businesses have already switched to energy efficient lightbulbs and have recycling policies. We are looking for businesses who are going above and beyond the basics to offer great quality, sustainable tourism experiences. For example;

  • Has your business been certified by a green tourism certification scheme? 

  • Is sustainability integrated into your staff training? 

  • Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme or is your business engaged in community programmes to conserve your local environment? 

  • Do you grow your own organic produce or collect rainwater for your garden? 

  • Have you stopped using single-use plastics? 

  • Do you source your products and services locally?

  • Have you invested in renewable energy like solar or wind power? 

  • Do you offer bikes, electric car charging or promote using public transport? 

  • Have you won an award for your sustainable tourism efforts?

  • Do you use your sustainable policies and practices to attract potential customers by proudly displaying them on your website?

A combination of the above or similar might be enough to attract attention from Nordic visitors. Interested? Contact Peter Maag, Tourism Ireland, Nordics via the for more info contact above with information on your sustainability practices, including relevant links. We will look at each business and will select those who can demonstrate the most sustainable practices to work with for this promotion.

How we will promote you in the Nordic markets

Once we have identified the most sustainable Irish tourism products or experiences, we will implement phase one of this promotion free of charge through a combination of channels;

  • Facebook post(s) to our +110K followers

A video, image or album promoting the sustainable destination or activity as the unique selling point. We can also include a link to your website in the post. 

  • Feature in our consumer e-zine with +32K recipients

A feature in our consumer e-zine which will link directly to your website so consumers can make a direct booking.

  • Offer listing on 

An offer listing on the Nordic market pages of with a link directly to your website for people actively planning their trip.

  • Content on

Once we have enough sustainable tourism businesses interested in taking part in this promotion, we will create specific pages on These pages will be long-term content and will be promoted to the Nordic audience as opportunities arise.