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Germany CMT Stuttgart 2019


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In-market consumer events

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Accommodation groups and associations, Outdoor activity providers / Wellness, Air and Sea carriers, Attraction groups and associations, Dining and entertainment, Golf, Individual attractions, Guided tours


Stuttgart Messe




From: 12/01/2019 To: 20/01/2019

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From: €550 - £495 To: €1,050 - £945

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, Tourism Ireland Germany.


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Facts and information about the fair:
Date of fair: Saturday, 12.01. – Sunday, 20.01.2019
Fair hours: 10:00 – 18:00 hrs

Our main themes for the 2019 fair are the following:
1) The Wild Atlantic Way
2) The Causeway Coastal Route and Northern Ireland (incl. The Open Golf opportunity)
3) Irelands Ancient East
4) Activities like Walking/Cycling/Cruising
5) Film tourism (Game of Thrones, Star Wars)

Watch  this video clip of 2018 CMT for more info on what the stand looked like here:
Tourism Ireland stand details CMT 2019 (Hall 4, same position like in previous years):
The stand is 160m² (10m² less than in 2018) and it consists of three areas:
1) Information area (110m²) where TI and partners exhibit their product/brochures. Each partner gets their own desk that they can equip to their needs (presentation on PC/tablet, brochures, imagery) and a sign above the counter with the exhibitors´ company name.
2) Brochure exhibit area (within the information area): Partners that don´t wish to attend the fair but would like to exhibit their product brochure can choose the option of “brochure distribution”. Brochures will be sent to our warehouse in December and we will distribute them at the fair. 
3) Pub area (50m²) ; this pub style area with Guinness, other drinks/soft drinks and live music attracts a lot of visitors to the stand. Many people visiting the pub also come over for information and vice versa. There is a connecting door from the pub area to the information area.

Visitor numbers:
First weekend (12.1./13.1.): approx. 85,000 visitors
During the week: approx. 20,000 visitors a day
Second weekend (19.1./20.1.): approx. 80,000 visitors

Profile of visitors (2018 statistics):
In total 265,000 visitors, average age of visitor: 49.8 years
53% of visitors plan to travel on a holiday 3 times a year
75% of visitors plan to travel within Europe
45% of visitors have a household net income of €3,600 or more
75% of the visitors come from within an area of 100km away
68% are interested in the tourism part, 53% in the caravan part.
The fair welcomed 2,191 exhibitors from 100 countries, 360 regions/cities with a recommendation figure of 99% for the fair.
10 halls with 120,000m² exhibit floor

Entrance fees for visitors:
Day ticket: €15 (reduced only fee of €13)
Happy hour ticket from 15:00 hrs: €6.50

Method of signing up to the fair and participation fees (one person for each counter):
For Module 1-3 it is possible…:
- to send different members of staff to take shifts at the fair;
- to team up with a different company but only have one company representative (either company A or B) at the stand. i.e. Hotel is partnering up with walking tour operator, Walking tour operator is taking weekends, hotel is taking week days, or any other order.
Two members of staff is possible also, check 50% discount for 2nd representative section.

Module 1: 12.01. – 20.01.2019 / 9 days at CMT: €1,050 plus VAT
- module allows you to experience two weekends and the full working week at the fair

Module 2: 12.01. – 15.01.2019 (Saturday to Tuesday): 4 days at CMT: €750 plus VAT
- This rate (for 4 full days) is higher than module 3 (for 5 days) as it gives you the chance to attend the busy starting weekend of the fair. The visitors could be more Outdoor focused in general, as Hall 10 of fair is themed for hiking/cycling.

Module 3: 16.01. – 20.01.2019 (Wednesday to Sunday): 5 days at CMT: €550 plus VAT
- Please note we reduced the fee for this part of the fair for 2019 (by €50). Reason is that partners have to cover for more hotel nights. 
- From Thursday until the end of the fair, theme in hall 10 is Golf and Wellness and will possibly attract consumers with a higher travel budget.

Module 1-3: 50% Discount for 2nd representative or 2nd company at counter
2nd representative: possibility to equip your counter with a second representative of your company to man your counter with two people at all times.

2nd company: possibility to share a counter with another company, i.e. Caravan & Camping Council and Irish Ferries are a good match and do this for the past years; two representatives at the counter at all times. The “sharing counter” option is only possible if we have enough companies that are willing to share and that they are a good fit and not with interfering interests. You can also sign up as a shared counter if you identified a possible partner already.

Module 4: Brochure distribution (for duration of fair): €250 plus VAT
We will distribute your brochure, price per brochure type, no matter what volume. Please send brochures to our warehouse by December 2018; all instructions will be given upon registration.

What we would like to ask you if you join us as a partner:
1) We would like to make sure that your counter is covered by minimum of one person during the day between 10:00 – 18:00 hrs; we often get complaints by consumers if tables aren´t covered in the morning or evening times and on the last Sunday of the fair.
2) Of course it isn´t a problem to have lunch or breaks in between as other partners can take over for you and vice versa.
3) We can´t allow for partners to leave a day earlier and leave the counter empty as it gives a very unprofessional look to our Ireland stand.

What each participant will get from us when taking part (Module 1-3):
1) Counter desk with lockable storage space.
2) Brochure stands at your counter to display your brochures
3) Large partner sign (with an image that suits your product, company name, no logos).
4) 1 x free WIFI code for one device (please note that this is not transferable).
5) Kitchen with tea/coffee making facilities, fridge and water refreshments; kitchen is locked for storing coats/jackets.
6) Easy shipping for your brochures, you can ship a bulk order to our warehouse by December 2018.

Counter representatives – skills and requirements:
1) German language is not essential as many Germans like to test out their English and are usually able to speak in English.
2) You should be open for conversations and interested to hear Irish travel stories of many consumers; usually we have a lot of good conversations taking place.
3) You should also be open not to only talk about your business but to talk about Ireland in general. For example if you are a walking tour operator in a specific region, people could ask you for walking in other counties or if you are representing a company in the IAE, consumers could ask you about places to go in the IAE but also along the WAW.
4) There is always an option to send consumers on to fellow colleagues but in general everyone at the TI stand should aim for a good conversation about Ireland, no matter what/where.
5) We are all “Team Ireland”!
6) If there are any difficulties in understanding consumers, there is German speaking TI staff at the fair at all times, and many other partners speak German too.

Access to Stuttgart trade fair:
Local transport:
The trade fair is located at the Stuttgart airport. Partners are either picking accommodation near the trade fair/airport or in Stuttgart City centre. There is a S-Bahn (local train) service from Stuttgart city centre to the trade fair, duration approx. 30 minutes.

Air Access:
Aer Lingus route Dublin-Stuttgart
Ryanair route Dublin-Memmingen (only Saturdays)
Aer Lingus route Dublin-Frankfurt (then good train connection to Stuttgart approx. 2 hours)