10 Twitter Tips

Use twitter to find out what is happening not only with your customers but also within your industry. Follow our 10 top tips below to see how you can use Twitter to stay engaged and understand your target audience.


  1. Tag @DiscoverIreland / @GoToIrelandUS  and use #loveireland.
  2. Keep text in tweets short and use emoji's to make the content relatable.
  3. Try to use an image or video when tweeting as this makes the post more engaging and encourages people to retweet.
  4. If using an image, make sure you name the location of the image - an emoji pin beside the location name is enough!
  5. Review Tourism Ireland's channels here and see what has performed well engagement wise. Is your image/content of a similar quality?
  6. Keep the landscape or location the focus, not individuals as selfies do not perform well.
  7. If you are sharing a video, ensure that it is the right size for Twitter and is not too long i.e max 15-20 seconds.
  8. Video's which have text overlay tend to perform the best as they can be viewed without sound.
  9. Industry and non-consumer focused tweets should be shared with @TIindustryOpps or @media_ireland .
  10. Twitter is good for: Trends / Landscapes / Animals / Pubs / Literary Quotes / News of internationally relevant awards.