10 Instagram Tips

Instagram is a great tool to engage with both new and old customers. It's also an excellent way to understand you customer base in an informal manner. Follow our 10 top tips to make the most of your Instagram account!


  1. Tag #loveireland and @TourismIreland.
  2. Keep image captions short and snappy and use emoji's to make the content relatable.
  3. Use instagram stories if you have an interesting event happening so as to increase awareness.
  4. Don't over filter or animate your images. The content should be interesting but ultimatley authentic so that customers trust what they're seeing.
  5. Spend time each day browsing related hash tags and 'Liking' images you see there.This can help you increase visibility and gain new followers.
  6. Strike a balance between reposting and original posts. Reposts are an excellent source of user-generated content and real-world advocates, but overuse might hint at a lack of originality.
  7. Review what we’ve posted / reposted before. Is your image or repost image of a similar quality?
  8. Use posts which show character and resonate with your audience as these encourage comments i.e dog sitting infront of Cliffs of Moher
  9. When managing comments, be aware that a response is not always needed! Responding to comments where other users are tagged can be intrusive and the social media equivalent of ‘butting in’.
  10. Instagram is good for: Landscapes / Animals / Seascapes / Pubs / Cities / Reposting advocates.