10 Facebook Tips

Facebook is an excellent way to promote and share content about your product or experience. Follow our 10 top tips to make your posts engaging and authentic!


  1. Tag Facebook.com/Ireland and use #loveireland.
  2. Check our market-specific Facebook channels here to get some inspiration.
  3. Keep text in Facebook posts short – they still need to be easily scanned in newsfeeds.
  4. Always note location of image -  using a pin emoji can make the post more engaging!
  5. Emoji's are a great way to make your content more relatable and authentic.
  6. Review your previous posts and see what has performed well. Is your image/content of a similar quality?
  7. Keep the landscape or location the focus, not individuals. Selfies do not perform well.
  8. Images or content will only be shared by multiple markets if they are of international interest, e.g. a major award, a stunning image /video.
  9. Uploading your videos to Facebook with text overlay is a great way to engage your audience when they can't play the video sound out loud!
  10. Facebook is good for: Trends / Landscapes / Animals / Pubs / Literary Quotes / News of internationally relevant awards.