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Have you a story to tell?

'Have you a story to tell?' offers you the opportunity to send us news about your product or event, which we will then share with our Tourism Ireland colleagues overseas. In turn, they may share it with our extensive network of travel trade, media contacts and with consumers through our various e-zines, social media channels and on

We are looking for quirky stories that will capture the imagination of potential visitors to the island of Ireland, stories that will bring to life the prospect of a fun and engaging holiday experience in the island of Ireland. Have you been awarded any accolades? Do you have some special seasonal recipes to share with our Facebook fans? Are there any myths and legends associated with your product? Did one of your guests catch the biggest fish this season? Did you have an extra special VIP guest that you can tell us about?

How we will tell your story overseas

In an ever-changing media landscape, where content is king, Tourism Ireland distributes information to consumer, press and trade contacts multiple times each day.

Your stories are invaluable to us to ensure we are sharing the very best and freshest content about the island of Ireland. By sharing your story and a good image with us, we can share it with our global network of contacts in the following ways:


  • 19 + million visits in 2017
  • Consumer e-zines: 1,100 sent to a database of 2.2+ million consumers
  • Facebook: 4.1+ million fans
  • Twitter: 460k + followers


In 2017, we leveraged our 22,000+ media contacts to deliver €327+ million in equivalent advertising value worldwide.

  • Regular media ezines
  • Press releases and media events
  • Local media rooms
  • Social media


Tourism Ireland has an extensive network of trade contacts, including tour operators, group operators, wholesalers, MICE specialists and travel agents.

  • Regular trade e-zines
  • Local trade websites  

Send us your story now

The best submissions

We can’t guarantee usage but submissions with the best chance of selection tend to contain the following:

The best images

  • Breath-taking landscapes
  • Quirky animals
  • Beautiful pub fronts
  • Stunning castles
  • Thatched cottages
  • Literary quotes

The best stories

  • Short/brief
  • International awards/accolades
  • Upcoming festivals
  • Myths/legends
  • VIP guests
  • Quirky stories 
  Send us your story now