Fill Your Heart with Ireland campaign

Help us fill our overseas audiences heart's with Ireland

Fill Your Heart with Ireland - We need your help!

Because people aren’t travelling right now and cannot experience our warm welcome or get to know our wonderful culture at first-hand, we have been working to entertain prospective visitors everywhere and to help ensure that the island of Ireland stays ‘front-of-mind’ with them for future holidays.

Using the hashtag #FillYourHeartWithIreland, we are sharing inspirational content that speaks to the world at this difficult time and connects people with the island of Ireland. It covers a range of themes to bring the best of Ireland onto people’s screens and make them smile – from enjoying a trad music session to learning how to Irish dance, taking a virtual tour of our towns and villages, listening to the words of our Nobel Laureate poets and playwrights or even enjoying a fun TikTok video from Ireland. 

There are nine different categories: 

•    Culinary
•    The Great Outdoors and Sport
•    Humour and Story-telling
•    Literature, Film and Theatre
•    Music and Dance
•    Photography and Art
•    Virtual Tours and island of Ireland Tourism
•    Wellness
•    History and Genealogy

To date the initiative has had a total of 1047m impressions on Tourism Ireland’s Facebook channels with 50m views and 9.1m engagements. There have been 245k engagements on Twitter and 8.7m engagements and 8.4m likes on Tourism Ireland’s Instagram channels.  Our engagement levels on Facebook are +39% on the same period last year.  It has also helped to drive a publicity EAV of €150m since March 20th

We are calling on tourism industry partners around the island of Ireland to get involved. For people who’re creating a compelling piece of short content, or have already created content, which will appeal to a global audience and connect them with the island of Ireland, please email:

You can also use our hashtags on your own posts to get involved!


Please enjoy some examples of content we have already used below: