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, Dublin.

Tourism Ireland is rolling out the green carpet to our international visitors and our Green Button Campaign is now live.

We know from our research that there is significant pent-up demand among overseas visitors wanting to travel to Ireland. However, we also know there will be significant competition, as every destination across the globe seeks their share of the recovery. To drive as many international visitors as possible, Tourism Ireland has launched our exciting Green Button kick-start campaign in several overseas markets. The campaign revolves around creating a commitment to travel by pressing the Green Button – green being the universal colour of ‘go’ and instinctively connected with the island of Ireland. The campaign is highly visible across multiple consumer channels such as TV, digital and out-of-home.

This campaign delivers a very clear ‘book now’ message to our best prospect Culturally Curious audience and aims to drive visitor numbers back to the island of Ireland. The goal is for everyone in our target markets to want to press the green button and come to Ireland!

This industry toolkit is designed to give you everything you need to get involved and encourage overseas visitors to book a trip to Ireland, and your business. In this toolkit we’ll explain exactly what pressing the Green Button means and how you can incorporate it into your marketing. You’ll find all the logos, images, videos, and fun social content you need. We’re also sharing “How to” guides and a top 10 quick link download to make it as easy as possible to get involved.

We hope you find it useful.

Tourism Ireland

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